From generation to generation…

The Vrai Caillou estate has belonged to the Pommier family since 1863. Passed down through the generations, it has been handed over from father to son and then from father to daughter. Vrai Caillou wines are the fruit of a long family tradition which has developed alongside the estate's endless rows of vines. Even though the Féret guide, Bordeaux's acclaimed wine guide, refers to the Pommier estate as early as 1863, the surrounding land was primarily used for mixed crop farming and vines were just simply the angel's share. It was Georges Pommier, great-grandfather of Christel de Meillac, who, in 1920 decided to concentrate his efforts on wine growing.

Innovation & quality

The number of hectares of vines then increased from 6 to 20. Since then, the estate's wine production has gone from strength to strength. Jean Pommier, Georges' son, took over the estate in 1947. Production was developed even further and productivity was improved. Jean Pommier's son, Michel, who was a forerunner in the wine industry, and was one of the first to use one of the initial grape harvester prototypes, alongside engineers from throughout the world. He was the first of the region's wine producers who had the idea of bottling and selling his produce. Christel and Philippe de Meillac have now been at the helm since 2012 and the Vrai Caillou estate currently has 90 hectares of vineyards. These are divided up as follows - 65 hectares of red grape vines (Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) and 25 white grape vines (Sauvignon, Semillon). Constantly working to maintain high quality standards, Christel and Philippe de Meillac are awarded for their efforts annually (See "Latest News").