bouteille bouteille

Pioneers of technology

Bottling is the final step in the transition between the producer and customer and all the work carried out beforehand. Once the wine has been filtered, it is then bottled. This process covers the following operations - rinsing, drawing-off of sediment, corking, casing and placing on pallets. This was once the job of wine merchants. It is now carried out by the wine producers. The family estate has pioneered this process, being one of the first to initiate this operation. The first bottling machine was installed on the family estate in 1975.

A successful process

This machine was changed in 1986 and after nearly 30 years of loyal service, it eventually had to be replaced. Now there is a completely new bottling machine, highly efficient and the ultimate in modern technology. Made from stainless steel and with a daily output of 2400 bottles an hour or 12 000 per day (tested with a peak output of 17 000!), it offers new labelling procedures which allow new designs and effects to be printed. And what is even more important is that it is so quiet, so Vrai Caillou employees can work in peace!

The family estate has not only been at the forefront of the latest bottling technology but it has also pioneered the use of grape harvesters. In the 1970s, the Château owner, with his first-hand knowledge and experience, helped the manufacturer design the first of these machines.