The essence of style

It is this blending of Bordeaux wines which not only makes them so special but also adds to their complexity and finesse. Bordeaux wines are essentially blended wines. Blending is a crucial step in the production of the finished product and it is also one of the most "accomplished". This process is a delicate alchemy which implements and completes all the work carried out among the rows of vines. The blending process is used to enhance the wine's flavour and texture by mixing different vintages separately according to their grape variety; where they came from in the vineyard and their individual characteristics. This eventually results in the development of a new wine, produced following the label's regulations. A superior wine to the individual wines from which it is made. With a meticulous attention to detail, influenced by his own individual personality, Philippe de Meillac strives to find the right balance and compatibility between varieties. He looks out for such things as freshness, intensity, elegance, finesse and concentration as regards flavour but also shades as regards colour which contribute to the wine's individual character and not forgetting of course the ageing process.

Finely matured wines

At Château Vrai Caillou, red and white wines undergo different blending processes. Marketed over a 15 to 24 month period, the white wine's "body" must remain even - fruity and robust without being sweet during this timescale. Throughout its maturing on lees (residual yeast deposits), blending is adapted accordingly. For red wine, grape varieties are separated by vat and their potential is identified once fermentation has ended. Blending, in batches depending on the different markets, only begins after two years ageing and just 3 weeks before bottling, in order to leave the wine as long as possible in the vats. The blended wines which Château Vrai Caillou produce tend to be intense and fruity with smooth tannins.

In order to comply with the appellation (label), Bordeaux blended reds can be produced using Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Carménère, Côt and Petit Verdot varieties. The last three varieties mentioned are generally under-represented. Bordeaux blended whites are generally made using mainly Sauvignon and Sémillon grape varieties.