The love of the land

"My wines have a fruity nose and are both powerful and supple". Sweet, fruity and with lots of character. Vrai Caillou wines characterise the West Indian origins of Philippe de Meillac. From Martinique, where he grew up "barefoot among the mango and guava trees", he has conserved "a freedom of spirit", and the taste of locally produced fruit. In his wines he can detect hints of soursop, banana or passion fruit which we tend to associate more with fruits such as peach or pear. From Martinique, he has also conserved a passion for land and farming. Ever since he experienced grape harvests in France in the 1990s, the passion for wine has never left him: "I've always been a farmer. I like seeing my produce grow and then harvesting it. Wine, however, offers you the opportunity to transform cultivated produce into something completely different." What is most important to Philippe de Meillac is being in control of the manufacturing process, from the vine to the bottle and being able to add one's own personal touch. As a wine grower, he works closely with all his team to help them understand the spirit he shares with his customers. Both a farmer and passionate wine grower, Philippe de Meillac rarely leaves the vineyards of Vrai Caillou. His time is divided between the vines and the wine storehouse. It is in his storehouse that he samples each vat on a daily basis. He knows each vat off by heart and he tends them with care until the final tasting process: "It's the feedback regarding the vintage which is so important! In my opinion, the best judge is the customer.