A location… with many advantages

A prime location

The château's first vines were planted upon the creation of the family estate in 1863. In over a century, the vineyards have been extended to the adjoining farmland once used for corn or wheat - from 30 hectares in the 1940s to 80 hectares in 1971. The vine and grape varieties are today 40 years old and vines currently occupy 91 of the 100 hectares which make up the estate. The vineyards have always been maintained throughout and production has never been interrupted. The wines have therefore always been of the utmost quality.

A high point

What is so special about Vrai Caillou's vineyards ?

The reason why they are so special is due to the fact that they are arranged in a contiguous pattern. This is something which is extremely rare in the region but has many advantages, namely in the alignment of vines. From a technical point of view, this is more pratical for spraying and harvesting. There is however another advantage - the château is situated on the slopes of Butte de Launay, one of the highest points in the region. This raised position means that it benefits from ideal exposure, making it perfect for wine production. The soil is naturally well drained and protected from any flooding.

Vines growing in the Entre-Deux-Mers region benefit from a particularly mild oceanic climate, ideal for white wine production. Vineyards located on the high slopes however are exposed to colder temperatures.