Respect above all

"Our parents' generation wanted to pass on a sustainable operation and also their knowledge of how to maintain it. With their support, we want to preserve this beautiful environment, in other words: produce the best possible wines, whilst respecting the vineyard and the environment, and ultimately, the consumer".

Supervised control*
(*Chemical treatments are used only when absolutely necessary)

By maintaining the high quality standards associated with Vrai Caillou wines, the current estate owners are carrying on the spirit of innovation which has defined Vrai Caillou's history. Environmental conservation is one of today's major preoccupations, Christel and Philippe de Meillac have placed the environment at the top of their list of priorities. Anticipating the European regulations which impose a 50% reduction of phytosanitary treatment procedures between now and 2018, the Meillac's have already been adopting the necessary measures for its reduction (use of phytosanitary as a preventive measure after risk study carried out). They also belong to the half-dozen château owners in the Bordeaux region who have joined the Dephy* network.

This work philosophy is very much in line with the wines which they produce  "Convivial", "Delicious".

*Dephy: Demonstrations, Experiments and reference products on phytosanitary systems (economic and environmental impact of reduced phytosanitary product use).